Helping Each-Other Prevent Crime!

A problem that seems not to go away in our society is the problem of older members and others living alone, often not missed until something goes wrong.

Ideally, we should be looking out for those people, and making sure that they are all right. Just a quick hello over the fence, or maybe a knock on the door for a chat, will be enough to allay any fears you may have over the safety of the neighbour. Just keep an eye on our vulnerable neighbours.

But then, that goes for the rest of the population. We really should be trying to look out for one another. We could all do with a bit of neighbourly help at some time.

If you feel you need someone’s help, or know of someone who is alone, or vulnerable, give Your local Crime Watch Patrol a call, or stop us when we are traveling around your area, and we will do what we can to help. Or at least make it known to local services that there is a problem.

If you want to join us, please give your local police station a ring , or look on this site for a patrol in your area. Even if you don’t drive, you are welcome to be an observer in the Patrol Car. You May be able to download an application form to join us on this site, or phone our local Crime Watch Patrol.
Thank you.

A word from our Chairman

It is widely recognised that crime prevention is not solely the responsibility of the New Zealand Police. It is highly unlikely that the Police will have sufficient resources to monitor and prevent all situational crime in the community. As a result there is a need for community involvement in crime prevention through volunteer groups that provide crime prevention services. Manukau District Crime Watch Patrols Charitable Trust (MDCWP) is a volunteer group whose member Crime Watch Patrols patrol the streets of Manukau with the aim of observing and reporting crime in public places, as well as participating in crime prevention activities to reduce the potential for crimes to be committed (crime awareness and education).

The aims of the MDCWP are to:

1)Create effective patrols to reduce crime and build safer communities
2)To reduce crime and the fear of crime and help create safer and more enjoyable communities
3)To report other problems which detract from the safety and appearance of communities
4)To enhance positive communication and relationships within the community.

MDCWP member patrols actively recruit and train volunteers to form proactive patrols throughout the city. Using non-confrontational patrol tactics volunteers patrol town centres, residential areas, parks, schools and car-parks with the objective of observing, recording and reporting suspicious activities, crimes in progress, and unsafe environments to the New Zealand Police and other relevant agencies. Our volunteers patrol in pairs using highly visible patrol cars to observe and report suspicious activities, insecure properties, vehicle incidents, vandalism to property (including graffiti) and any other incidents related to criminal activities and public safety. We also carry out a community educational role with the general public, property owners and shoppers in order that we might increase their awareness of crime prevention techniques and thus reduce crime in our community.

MDCWP-CT is a registered non-profit charitable trust community-based trust whose objective is to:

To Create Effective Patrols to Reduce Crime and Make our Communities Safer.

The patrols affiliated to the Trust have been active in their communities for periods ranging from five to twenty years and have car patrols which they roster throughout each week.
Some patrols also have foot patrols which carry out interventions and educate potential victims of bag snatches, theft from cars, and robbery at ATM’s.

We have approximately 300 volunteer patrollers across Manukau and we encourage member patrols to support these volunteers with structures of trainers and leadership/ support teams.
We work closely with New Zealand Police, submitting patrol logs and incident reports to them on a wide range of crime and safety issues. These reports are used as a performance data base for our patrol area, entered into the Area policing Intel system, and are incorporated into our six monthly operational reports to Manukau City Council and the Ministry of Justice.

Manukau District Crime Watch Patrols