Botany Crime Watch Patrol work with Police on Operation “Focus”

Botany Crime Watch Patrol work with Police on Operation “Focus”

Ten Botany Crime Watch (BCWP) patrollers had the opportunity to work with members of the New Zealand Police on an operation focussed on reducing the theft of personal property from private and contractor’s vehicles. Before commencing the patrol Police briefed the team at our temporary patrol base in Botany Town Centre.

The team spent most of Tuesday patrolling various car parks checking vehicles to see if there was anything left in them, and whether they were secure. Patrollers are taught to inspect cars without touching them and do not inspect WOF’s or rego’s.

Speaking with contractors was very rewarding as most of them were unaware of the risk of leaving tools or consumables in their vehicles. Several made commitments to increasing their security as a result of our interventions.

A survey of the results, from the BCWP patrollers, found that of the 1654 cars they checked 28% had items in them!!!

The Police operation was an interesting and enjoyable experience for the BCWP patrollers and they have expressed an interest in doing other team tasks in the future. As for Botany Crime Watch Patrol you will continue to see us in patrolling your streets, car parks and malls either on foot or in our two patrol cars.

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